Music CPA

Need a New CPA?

Layne has been around doing taxes for the last 30 years. Now that we are a remote office, we have downsized our accounts considerably. We work with many different clients across the board. While we specialize in the music industry, we have clients that range from dog trainers to retirees. If you’re interested in becoming a new client, this is the information you’ll need to get started with us.

  1. Our Federal 1040 personal returns begin at $575. If bookkeeping is necessary, you can expect to add anywhere from $75 – $90/hr. for simple, straightforward bookkeeping.
  2. Our 1065s, 1120C, 1120S begin at $1250.
  3. Becoming a new client will start off with knowing that our firm is completely virtual and paperless.
  4. We ask potential clients clients to first provide us with an email describing your tax needs and your business (if applicable), how you keep your records, list any tax or business questions that you have, and a phone number where we can reach you – along with a good time to call you back. One of us will contact you as soon as our schedule allows.
  5. New clients will then be required to pay a deposit of $575 to get started with us. Those payments can be made here.
  6. Once your payment has been made, please shoot us an email at to get a registration link for your client portal.
  7. Our office manager, Dusty, will reply back with a new client form and you’ll receive a separate email to register your client portal.
  8. Register your portal, fill out and upload a .pdf of your completed new client information sheet to the “Send to CPA” folder, along with your previous 3 years of tax returns.
    • If you are a partnership or corporation, please also include your Profit/Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, any income statements such as 1099 received, and income/expense spreadsheets.
    • Include any state information, such as franchise tax information, in Texas, you’ll need a Texas Webfile Tax number which is mailed to you at the beginning of each tax year.
  9. Once we have processed your information, which may take up to a week, you’ll receive a web tax organizer to be filled out inside your client portal.
    • You’ll drag and drop .pdf’s of Interest statements (1099-INT or DIV), Healthcare coverage (1095), Income statements (W-2, 1099 MISC, G, SSA, etc), Mortgage interest statements (1098), Student Loan Interest Statements, and any other tax documents you’d normally submit to file a tax return.
    • If you utilize QuickBooks Desktop 2018 or later or QuickBooks online and would like us to use that for your income/expense statements, need us to do your year-end bookkeeping, please make a note of this information including log-in in the Notes to Preparer section of your organizer.
    • To send us your desktop accountant’s copy of QB, please email us or send us the link to your accountant’s copy.
  10. Once you have submitted your organizer, please contact us to set up a virtual or phone meeting with Layne and/or Becky to go over any questions or concerns you may have.
  11. Our deadlines to have all of your information submitted to us is February 1st for Partnerships and Corporations and March 1st for personal returns to be filed on time. The IRS deadline has been moved to May 1st and for Texas residents to June 15th. In order to file on time, Texas residents should have their info in by May 15th – for out of state clients, by April 1st. Otherwise, clients in our system by the tax deadline will be automatically extended (the deadline for submitting extended returns information will be August 31st for 1040’s and August 15th for partnerships and corporations).
  12. If you’d like for us to file an extension, please make a note of that in your organizer. Failure to submit your documents to us on time may cause your return to be filed with late filing penalties. We will no longer file returns between Nov 15th through January 15th.