Hopefully, 2020 really *is* hindsight – though, 2021 has had quite the rough patch so far with SNOVID! Unfortunately, we lost one of our long-time clients due to the recent winter storm and subsequent power/water outages. We hope the rest of you are staying safe and have not been too terribly inconvenienced.

Let’s talk about what’s new for your taxes this year. If you haven’t already completed your tax organizer, we suggest you go ahead and git ‘er done to avoid any last minute disasters. You’ll also need to let us know about your Economic Impact Payments from both 2020 AND the 2021 funds from back in January. Though, the payments should not affect your taxes, the IRS is wanting to know that you received them.

As we wait to see how this year shapes up, please continue to socially distance, be safe, and contact us with any questions you have on completing your organizer. For those of you unaware, our Client Portal is up and running. If you are a current client and have not registered your client portal, please shoot an email to info@musiccpa.com. Dusty will send your registration link. If you have not received your organizer or the link has expired, contact us immediately!